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Machines complex ID or OD shapes in seconds.

These versatile holders machine high quality ID or OD hex, spline, star and many other shapes, in seconds, on most CNC lathes, CNC mills, or screw machines.

Why HexMaster should be your 1st choice:

We use a better class of bearings (higher quality, increased load capacity means more parts produced and less downtime).

No up-charges for standard shank sizes (some competitors price gouge for larger standard shanks, even though they cost less to make).

Full Engineering support after the sale (we guide your machine operator through the learning curve and help you through difficult parts and materials).

Made in the USA (your patronage supports U.S. jobs).



How it Works

Rotary broaching is the simple process of concentrating the cutting force of a shaped tool onto about 1/3 of the part. This concentration of force is enough to overcome the shear strength of the material, and the finished form is broached on the part. As the holder is fed into the work, the tool revolves with the part. The cutting edge, however, constantly changes, providing the chiseling action which allows the process to work.

Like drilling, rotary broaching relies on the thrust force of the machine to push the tool into the work. Success is relatively independent of RMP. Feedrates, however, are critical. Too low and the tool will not engage the work properly. Too high a feed rate will stall the machine. Typical cycle times for this process run from 4-8 seconds depending on the form shape, part length and material.

Likewise, material type plays a key role. Materials like stainless steel and titanium are harder to broach than low carbon steels. If you are designing your own parts, 12L14 makes a wonderful broaching material and is a great all-purpose grade.

Find out if HexMaster™ will work for your application by emailing us your print. We can run samples for a minimal charge.

Basic ID or OD Shapes Complex ID or OD Shapes
Hex Spline
Square Involute
Double D 8-Point Star
Key Serration
Double Hex Torx

Available Models

Smaller        Larger

5000 Series

ID Only

For ID forms 3/8 or less

Sealed oil unit requires little maintenance.

Zero-setup (no setup
for new tool lengths).

8mm tool bore.

 5/8, 3/4" or mm shanks.

4000 Series

ID and OD Styles

For Swiss, Davenport,
and small CNC's.

Available in 5/8 and
3/4" shanks.

Metric shanks available.

Choose from 8mm and 1/2" tool bores.

3000 Series

ID and OD Styles

Our General Purpose holder for most jobs

Available with 5/8, 3/4,
1, and 1¼" shanks.

Choose 8mm, 1/2 or
3/4" tool bores.

2000 Series

ID and OD Styles

For Large Forms.

Available with 1¼, 1½, 1¾, and 2" shanks.

Choose 1/2 or 3/4"
 tool bore.


ID and OD Styles

For use on screw machines only.

Eliminates pickup marks.

Extends broaching depth.





Order your FREE guide to rotary broaching by
email or call 1-800-521-1743.

Included in this guide:

Detailed, step-by-step setup & use.

Detailed, full color graphics & examples.

Key info. on 8 OD and 26 ID HexMaster models.

Feed charts for different materials.

Thrust charts for different
materials and tool sizes.



Rotary Broaching creates little heat in the part or the chip. In blind holes, cutting fluid should be applied to the tool and not to the interior of the part.
Trapped fluid will cause a hydraulic lock and inhibit the broaching process. We offer tools with an air release hole to handle this situation.

Part Material

The yield point of the part material and the shape of the broach determine ease of broaching. Square and oblong shapes will be more difficult to broach than a simple hex shape, and splines are the easiest shapes to broach. Because yield points vary so much even in one material category, we cannot provide a general guideline for maximum broach diameters.

Troubleshooting/Engineering Support
Our tooling engineers will design tooling for your specific application and work with you to get the most out of your HexMaster™ Rotary Broaching Attachment. We’ll supply you with the holder, the tools and the know-how to make your rotary broaching successful and trouble free. Give us a call it’s toll-free

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